Our Products

Flat Belts

We offer a comprehensive range of flat belts with very high strength polyamide sheet as traction core. Some of the key highlights of our belts are high tensile strength at low elongations, Permanent anti-static nature and excellent resistance to oils & solvents. Our belts exhibit good dimensional stability and slippage free movement due to high coefficient of friction.

These belts are easy to install, resilient and can take high shocks loads and offer long working life. Belt types include tangential belts,spindle tapes, flat transmission belts, folder gluer belts, machine tapes, leather belts, leather nylon sandwich beltings, knitting machine belts, condenser tapes etc.

Roller Coverings

We offer an exhaustive range of roller coverings using specially designed elastomers and thermoplastics. Roller coverings are mainly used in weaving & finishing sectors of textile industry flexographic printing & packaging industry. Our products exhibit high wear resistance, good adherence and long service life.

They are available in different elastomers namely natural rubber, synthetic rubbers, silicones, epdm etc. Numerous formulations are possible for customer specific requirements. We continue to expand our product portfolio to fulfill our customer’s requirements.

Rubberized Fabrics

Zeon offers technical rubberized fabrics for our clients based on the usage. We also offer rubberized friction covers of belts to other manufacturing companies who prefer to part manufacture flat belts at their works.

These industrial fabrics are available with rubber coatings of X-NBR, NBR in various hardness as per the requirements.

Coated Chrome Leather

Zeon offers both adhesive coated and uncoated leather rolls to other belt manufactures for production of Leather Belts with Polyamide sheet traction core. The Leather rolls are available in widths of 330mm, 560mm. Other widths can also be supplied on request.

Belting Tools &Accessories

We offer a complete range of tools for belt fabrication. Our tools include heating presses, belt cutting machine & skivers for belt joint grinding.