Condensor Tapes

  • Condensor Tapes

    Zeon offers condenser tapes with double oak full vegetable tanned leather with special anti cracking resistance.Suitable highly oriented polyamide sheet is used as traction layer . The oriented sheet being elastic in nature ensure no permanent stretch thereby maintaining the original width of the tapes during long service life.Uniform tension and constant width of the tapes ensure equal distribution of the fiber web which helps achieve a better yarn quality during spinning.

  • Belt Grade Top Cover Reverse Cover Traction Layer Total Thickness Shaft Load 1% Min Pulley Belt Weight approx.
    Material Colour Surface Material Colour Surface Material mm N/mm mm Kg/Sq. mtr.
    ZCT L IMP Tan Chrome Leather Brown - Tan Chrome Leather Brown - Polyamide 3.00 3.50 25 3.00
    ZCTR-1 IMP NBR Dark Blue Rough NBR Dark Blue Rough Polyamide 3.00 5.00 30 3.50