Small Round Pimples

  • Pattern No.: 002-P

    Small Round Pimples

    Pimple Head with Fabric Impression

    Standard roll length is 100 meters, other lenghts are available on request

    Standard roll widths are 38mm/50mm/75mm/100mm, other widths are available on request

    S.No Grade Material Colour Thickness (mm) Working Temp.°C Backing
    1 SR-P-2-002P/20W Synthetic Rubber Premium WHITE 2.0 120 CO-PES
    2 SR-P-2-002P/20PK Synthetic Rubber Premium PINK 2.0 120 CO-PES
    3 SR-P-2-002P/20BR Synthetic Rubber Premium BROWN 2.0 120 CO-PES
    4 SR-P-2-002P/20DG Synthetic Rubber Premium DARK GREY 2.0 120 CO-PES
    5 NR-P-1-002P/20BE Natural Rubber Premium BEIGE 2.0 100 CO-PES
    6 NR-P-1-002P/20BR Natural Rubber Premium BROWN 2.0 100 CO-PES
    7 SI-P-1-002P/20TR Slicone Rubber Premium TRANSPARENT 2.0 225 GLASS

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